Friday, June 19, 2009

We All Scream For Ice Cream Sandwiches

UPDATE (6/19/09): Julie's Organic Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies are available exclusively at Whole Foods until July 30, 2009 and will be available at other supermarkets and health food stores after that date. . . . I tried a sandwich this evening, and it was delicious. The cookies are thicker and firmer than the wafers used for non-GF sandwiches but they're still soft enough to enjoy the cookie and ice cream together in a single bite.

A few years ago, I read about gluten-free ice cream sandwiches that supposedly were available for the Passover holiday. Although I searched near and far, I never found them and no one seemed to know anything about them. While they haven't turned up all of a sudden, there's a new product now out that fills the void. Julie’s Organic Ice Cream has partnered with Glutenfreeda Foods to introduce gluten-free, certified organic vanilla ice cream sandwiches. Glutenfreeda created the organic, gluten-free chocolate cookies, while Julie’s Organic developed the certified organic vanilla ice cream. The sandwiches contain no artificial colors or preservatives. The product, sold exclusively at Whole Foods, is available in packs of four sandwiches each. I paid $5.39 for a pack at the Whole Foods on Pennsylvania Avenue in Center City Philadelphia. I can't yet report on how they taste, but I'll update the post with that info soon.
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  1. Thank you for the great review!

    Have you had a chance to taste our GF Burritos, GF Instant Oatmeal and GF Cookies?

  2. I've only tried the cookies - the chocolate chip version is very similar to Pillsbury 'cut and bake' cookies...incredible!!! Can't wait to try the Burritos and now Ice cream sandwiches!