Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Top of Spaghetti

As someone who's always looking for unique gluten-free foods, I hit the mother lode with three different products made by New Harvest Naturals of Allentown, Pennsylvania. The company was gracious enough to recently send me samples of its new chicken meatballs and mini pound cakes, as well as its original product, challah muffins.

The appetizer-size meatballs are available in two flavors, Traditional and Italian Style, and are sold by the dozen in resealable pouches under the New Harvest Gluten-Free Kitchen label. My older son, who loves my mother's homemade meatballs, thought the minis were "right up there." (Sorry Mom!) He first sampled the Traditional meatballs in a roll with marinara sauce and, later, over a plate of gluten-free pasta.

The bite-size pound cakes made under New Harvest Naturals Gluten-Free Bakery brand are individually wrapped, making them ideal for brown-bag lunches. The cakes come in three varieties: Classic, Marble and Raisin. I tried the classic and marble ones and found that were true to the smooth taste and texture of glutenous pound cake.

Kosher Naturals Gluten-Free Bakery's challah muffins, in Original, Chocolate Chip, Blueberry and Toasted Onion flavors, are made from gluten-free oats. The oat flour makes these muffins more bread-like than "cakey." The muffins, which should be stored frozen, are dense and chewy when warmed in the microwave. My son particularly liked the chocolate chip variety with a bit of butter.

New Harvest Naturals owner Abe Pinchuck was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005. He started New Harvest in 2008 in an effort to expand the variety of gluten-free products on the market. All of the products are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility and are dairy-free and kosher.

The meatballs and pound cakes are new to market and are now making their way into natural food stores, mainstream supermarkets and kosher grocers. You can call the company at 1-888-829-4484 to find out which stores near you carry the products or to order the products for home delivery. The muffins and cakes can be ordered online at the Gluten-Free Mall, while the cakes can be ordered at
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  1. thanks so much--we are GF and DF--great to find new products.