Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodies Giveaway 7: "Dough" From Still Riding Pizza

I’ve written about Still Riding Pizza before – it’s unique in offering local pizza parlors a way to serve gluten-free pizzas alongside glutenous ones. Still Riding provides restaurants with gluten-free pizza crusts, dedicated cooking pans and cutters, along with instructions on using separate cheese, sauce and toppings so that the pizzas don’t get contaminated. In southeastern Pennsylvania, Wayne's Main Line Pizza and Roman Delight in Southampton serve Still Riding’s delicious pizza. The entire list of restaurants in the United States offering the company’s pies can be found on Still Riding’s website.

Gluten Free Philly readers have the opportunity to get a local pizza place or Italian restaurant to offer Still Riding pizza and get a $100 bonus for themselves as part of the latest giveaway. For every referral of a restaurant to Still Riding Pizza by a customer that results in a “sale,” the referring customer will receive $100 (or the equivalent value in Still Riding pizza crusts, if he or she prefers).

Here are the details: tell the owner of your local restaurant that you’re interested in having him or her serve gluten-free pizza from Still Riding; print an information sheet to give to the owner. If the owner is interested, the customer should forward the owner’s name, the name of the restaurant, the location and phone number to Still Riding Pizza, and Still Riding will contact the owner directly. Mention “Gluten Free Philly” when calling Still Riding at 203-683-7238 with the information; if you prefer, you can send an e-mail containing the information to the company with “Gluten Free Philly” in the subject line. Either way, be sure to provide Still Riding with your own contact information - name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

As part of the offer, Still Riding will provide the restaurant with its first order of pizza crusts, equipment, instructions and setup, all for free. The company also will take out an advertisement in a local newspaper for the restaurant to share the news about the gluten-free pizza option, also at no charge to the owner. If the owner decides to place a second order with Still Riding, the customer who referred the restaurant to the company will get the $100 bonus.

The offer is open to any customer who refers a restaurant that orders Still Riding Pizza beyond the free offer, but there is only one referral bonus allowed per customer. In the event that more than one customer refers the same restaurant (as determined by Still Riding Pizza), the referral amount will be divided among those customers. Eligible referrals must be made to Still Riding Pizza no later than March 31, 2010; however, Still Riding reserves the right to end the offer on another date of its choosing in its sole discretion. Multiple restaurants with the same owner(s) constitute a single referral. The offer is limited to restaurants operating in the continental United States.

I will announce new additions to the roster of Philadelphia-area restaurants offering Still Riding as they occur, and all new restaurants will be added to the locations on the Still Riding website.
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