Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the Machine

There's been a movement across the country of late to replace the junk food dispensed from vending machines with healthier fare. In Philadelphia, Meg Widholm aims to take this one step further. Her company, Snack Like a Local, plans as early as February to offer a diverse selection of snacks and drinks - including gluten-free ones - made in the tri-state area.

A computer programmer by trade, Widholm wanted to continue that work while helping local businesses flourish. "I was literally seeking a way to balance these and I saw a vending machine at the right moment and the concept struck me," she says.

No M&Ms, Cokes and Lay's potato chips here. Widholm intends to carry gluten-free items such as YC Chocolate confections, Fulton's Dairy lemonade, and products from The Greenwood Kitchen. The machines will include a "suggestion box" so that people can provide input and feedback on the snacks. Widholm is scouting locations now - salons, clothing outlets and furniture stores are possibilities - with plans to roll out as many as five machines at the start. The spots will be posted on the company's website and Facebook page.
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  1. Great idea! Good business model. Good luck.

  2. In general "healthy snack" machines are bad news for celiacs - they seem to be mainly crackers, baked snack bars and other wheat based stuff - give me a little plain chocolate! This company sounds like it might be more inclusive, and good for us.

  3. Every ingredient nowadays were mixed up with some chemicals that we might dont know if they are good or it might harm our health. Homemade foods are still great above all. :)