Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Say You Want a Revolution

Unlike gluten-free beers, hard ciders come in many varieties and are more readily available in bars and restaurants. Adding to the diversity is a new Colonial-style cider made right here in the Delaware Valley. Brothers Jonathan and Gideon Gradman have created Revolution Cider, a small-batch alcoholic beverage based on historical recipes.

The Gradmans make their cider in Northeast Philadelphia and use orchard apples fresh-pressed within 48 miles of the cidery. The cider's only ingredients - both gluten free - are apples and yeast. (The brothers are working at obtaining a gluten-free certification for the cider.) By using a unique fermentation method, the Gradmans have created a cider with a dry finish that avoids a sticky, overly sweet taste.

Revolution Cider is currently sold by the bottle ($6-$8) in Philadelphia at TriaBibaSupper, MidAtlanticSouth Philadelphia Tap Room and Watkins Drinkery and in Coatesville at The Whip Tavern. Cases are available ($54) directly from the cidery.
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  1. This cider is awesome! Definitely try it if you have the chance!

  2. Hawthornes has it as well