Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Mighty Ducks

I've seen and heard of some novel gluten-free products over the past eight years, but nothing quite like gluten-free duck ravioli. Pekin Paradise in Berks County, Pennsylvania uses meat from ducklings raised at a neighboring farm in Shartlesville, then ships it to Conte's Pasta's gluten-free manufacturing plant in Vineland, New Jersey, where the ravioli are made.

The company uses an heirloom strain of duck that dates back to the Ming Dynasty, according to company vice president Walt Brygier. Brygier developed the new gluten-free ravioli after hearing from his daughter's boyfriend, who has celiac disease, of the need for more gourmet meals. The large mezza luna-shaped ravioli is sold in consumer and commercial sizes at the company's website.
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