Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Spice of Life

When Americans think of their favorite ethnic foods, Indian cuisine isn't at the top of most lists. (Italian is, actually, followed by Mexican and Chinese.) More than others, however, Indian-influenced foods - made with less familiar seasonings like curry, cardamom and cumin - are extremely gluten-free friendly. Cafe Spice, an East Coast-based casual chain with an outpost at the food court at Liberty Place in Center City Philadelphia, now provides prepared meals sold at area Whole Foods Markets. Varieties include Chicken Vindaloo with Lemon Rice, Vegetable Korma with Saffron Rice, Channa Masala with Lemon Rice, Chicken Tikka Masala with Saffron Rice, Chicken Curry with Lemon Rice and Saag Paneer with Saffron Rice, all of which are gluten and preservative free. (The gram flour in the Chicken Tikka Masala has no gluten; it's made from ground chickpeas.) The dishes are priced between $5.49 and $6.49 each. You can also find the Cafe Spice products at Whole Foods hot bars.
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  1. This made my day! Thanks!

  2. Great - I did see them and am excited to try one! Do you know if the ones at the hot bar are labelled that they are from "Spice"?

  3. Don't know if it's specifically labeled, but you should be able to confirm with someone in the fresh foods area of the store.