Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Now that the monthly calendar is turned to November, neighborhood jack-o'-lanterns have been replaced with signs commemorating the next major holiday . . . Election Day. I kid, I kid. (Do go vote today, though.) Soon enough, many of us will be decking the halls with boughs of holly and shopping for the perfect Christmas tree.

If you grew up celebrating Christmas with relatives from "the old country," then you probably remember homemade sweets like Italian panettone bread or German Spekulatius cookies. Wegmans markets are now exclusively featuring gluten-free versions of these and other European holiday favorites made by Schar:
Customers can find them in the Nature's Marketplace section of the store while supplies last.
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  1. Um, Michael, Spekulatius are DUTCH, not German! The windmill should be the big tip-off on that one ;-) and Schar's website for the cookies confirms it: "only available in Scandinavia and Netherlands" - not Germany!

    I picked some up in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, and have been loving them, as my mom's spice cookies are something I've really missed since being diagnosed.

    Lebkuchen, however, are definitely German. ;-)

  2. windmill spice cookies are dutch not german

  3. FYI for those in search of the Schar holiday goodies: at Wegman's in Warrington, the store did a great job of hiding them! It took 3 store employees 20 minutes to find them tonight, but they were finally located on a display rack in the back aisle of the store, facing the hot dog refrigerator case. Nowhere near the GF food aisle, of course!

    Thought I'd share that info so your other readers won't need to waste as much time as I had to in order to get my spice cookie fix.