Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Katz Meow

The universe of store-bought gluten-free donuts has been confined largely to glazed versions from Glutino and Kinnikinnick, with an occasional cameo from the latter's cinnamon-sugar treat. Katz Gluten Free has aimed to fill a hole, so to speak, with new powdered jelly- and cream-filled donuts, along with a classic confectioners' sugar variety.

Knowing that these wouldn't be in stores immediately, we ordered all three versions directly from Katz before the holidays. Compared to renditions from, say, Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme, the amount of filling in the Katz donuts is relatively spartan. Perhaps that's a casualty of the manufacturing process, but I'd prefer a more balanced distribution to the crucial per-bite filling-to-cake ratio. (Katz's filled varieties also are smaller and rounder than traditional donuts.) That aside, both are tasty enough to buy again. Long a fan of jelly donuts, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself (along with our 11-year-old) preferring the custard pastry. I particularly liked the mouthfeel of the dusty powdered sugar donut sans filling.

The jelly and custard donuts ($7.49; $5.99 introductory price) come four to a package, six for the regular powdered donuts ($7.99; $6.49 intro price). The company recommends two-day shipping since the donuts should be stored frozen; standard-shipping orders to most Delaware Valley neighborhoods - free for orders over $30 - fall within this time frame. Katz also produces breads, cookies, pies and other baked goods in a dedicated gluten-free facility. A store locator can assist in finding a local market that carries the brand.
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