Monday, May 6, 2013

Gluten-Free Doughboy

General Mills has hit the trifecta. First the company reformulated many Chex cereals to be gluten free. Then GM introduced a line of Betty Crocker-branded gluten-free baking mixes. Now comes Pillsbury's brand new gluten-free refrigerated pie and pastry dough, thin crust pizza dough, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Caramel apple pie made with Pillsbury's gluten-free
pie and pastry dough
Pillsbury's website has recipes for each of the new products, from chicken pot pie and spinach mini quiches to chocolate chip peanut butter cups.

Look for a limited national release at the end of May, with wider distribution later this summer. There's no pricing or ingredient information available as yet.

Update (5/15/13): General Mills has issued a press release about the new doughs. The release relays the research done by the company in developing the doughs and also contains the news nugget that there may be as many as three more gluten-free Pillsbury products in the next year or so. The Gluten-Free Living magazine blog has some info on the products' "stringent" manufacturing protocols, while General Mills has also posted ingredient and nutrition information on its website.
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  1. The cookie dough is amazing..and for those of you living in Cali you can get it in some of the 99cent stores...