Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Bite: Pizza Hut Gluten-Free Pizza

Neither rain nor snow nor impending nor'easter stays this blogger from the swift consumption of Pizza Hut's brand-new gluten-free pizza.

The country's largest pizza chain debuted the new option yesterday, utilizing Udi's crusts, in two "certified" versions: cheese and pepperoni. (You can read about the prep here.)

So what's the verdict? It's much better than the Udi's pizza sold at supermarkets for two reasons: Pizza Hut uses its own, hearty marinara sauce - weak sauce it's not - and it's prepped in a commercial pizza oven, which gives the pizza a fuller taste. It also helps that it's not cooked in a foil pan (which I find results in inconsistent doneness) but rather on parchment paper; it doesn't touch the oven surface though.

The pie is on the small side - it comes in only one, 10-inch size. The cheese variety costs $9.99 and the pepperoni version is about a dollar more.

The current list of locations offering the gluten-free pizza includes 17 stores in south-central and southern New Jersey. Unfortunately, the gluten-free pizza is not available in southeastern Pennsylvania or Delaware at the moment. If you want to have your local Pizza Hut carry the gluten-free pizza, you can fill out a request form; the first pull-down tab has a "Gluten-Free Pizza Inquiry" option.

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  1. Which one did you go to? Did you have any issues? I noticed on the website although they say it's prepared by gig standards that they can't guarantee against cross contamination.

  2. Cherry Hill, NJ location. No issues to report. Unless a restaurant is 100% GF, there's always a risk to eating out. The employees have taken training and there's no loose flour at the stores that serve GF pizza.

  3. That's the one I would be using glad no problems.

  4. I got mine from baldwinsville ny the sauce has really good flavor just wish the crust wasn't burnt not sure if suppose to be like that maybe they just have to learn how long to cook it price isn't bad if u buy at store it's at least 7 for 2 pizza crust and if u need all ingredients it's going to be more then $10 plus if u don't want to cook this is a great option I'd rate it a 6 out of 10 would had been a 8 if crust wasn't burnt didn't have any issues after heard if u get cheese or pepperoni it's in packages sealed and they have seperate station and seperate utensils so it's celiac certified