Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Cheer

With Christmas and Hanukkah approaching, it might seem premature to talk about Passover, which doesn't occur in 2017 until mid-April. However, new gluten-free products announced earlier this month at the annual Kosherfest food show in northern New Jersey merit a look ahead.

Kedem Foods announced several new gluten-free products that will be widely available for the Passover holiday next year, including additions to its all-natural, certified-gluten-free Yehuda matzos. New to the matzo line are Egg and Everything varieties. The matzos will be available year round after the holiday.

Under its Gefen label, Kedem will debut gluten-free pancake/waffle batter and crepe batter. The ready-made mixes are stored frozen, then thawed for use on the griddle or waffle iron. Also added to the Gefen line are gluten-free ready-to-bake crusts that come in a 3-inch size for tarts and a larger 9-inch size for pies. These items will be available year round. Gefen's other major addition for Passover is fresh (heat-and-serve) pasta: gnocchi and fusilli.

Another Kedem line, Haddar, will offer gluten-free crostini. The mini toasts will be available in three flavors: Lightly Salted, Zesty Onion and Hot Barbeque. Another Passover-only item from Haddar is gluten-free biscotti. The cookies will come in Cappuccino Crunch, Choco Chip and Chocolate Fudge.

Also at the show, Manischewitz announced new gluten-free Panko "bread" crumbs under its Jason brand. You'll find the coating in Plain and Seasoned versions.

Kosherfest's Best in Show and New Product Winner was a Pareve (non-milk) and vegan version of Nutella called Parvella. This new gluten-free Italian chocolate spread, unlike Nutella, is free of palm oil and milk. Parvella will be sold in four varieties: Intense Hazelnut, Hazelnut & Vanilla, For Coffee Lovers and Smooth Orange.

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