Monday, December 7, 2009

C is for Cooking

Cathy's Kitchen, a meal preparation and delivery service based in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, was born out of Cathy Fishman's love of cooking. She has long enjoyed preparing meals for her family, including her husband who has celiac disease. In October 2009, Cathy set out to share the results of her cooking with others through her new business venture, which focuses on "Nutritious Meals Delivered."

Cathy prepares meals according to customer's specifications and tastes. She starts with a consultation that allows her to create a personalized menu. Many of the items on Cathy's menu are gluten-free by nature, such as fish and chicken dishes with vegetables and rice or potatoes. Cathy's Kitchen uses ingredients like wheat-free tamari when soy sauce is required. For items that use pasta or flour as a thickener, Cathy utilizes gluten-free noodles or flour. Some of her customer favorites include chicken marsala, lemon chicken, grilled halibut, honey-ginger salmon, turkey London broil, and a variety of vegetarian selections like quinoa-stuffed peppers and eggplant rollups.

Cathy is mindful of cross-contamination, reviewing labels and ingredient listings and making sure that cooking equipment that touched gluten is run through the dishwasher before being used for a gluten-free dish.

Customers can eat Cathy's meals fresh on the day they are delivered or freeze them for reheating. Cathy's Kitchen delivers at no charge from Center City Philadelphia to Radnor, with an emphasis on the Main Line east of the Blue Route. Pricing for the meals varies depending on the size and number of meals and side dishes desired. For more information about Cathy's Kitchen, call 610-747-0588 or email Cathy.
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