Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eat More Treats

UPDATE (9/10/10): Unfortunately, Tesori's recently ceased operations.

While the imminent closure of Mr. Ritts in Millville will leave South Jersey with one less option for fresh gluten-free baked goods, Tesori's Gluten Free Treats is a worthy alternative.

Phil and Christine Brownridge started their Medford-area bakery, named for their daughter, last year. In 2001, after years of digestive problems and endless testing, Phil was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant. Although relieved to finally know the cause of his ailments, he had to contend with the realization that his diet would change forever.

By coincidence, Christine had spent countless hours helping her mother and grandmother whip up scratch-made desserts. Together, the couple began experimenting with recipes passed down from Christine's family and with new recipes they created together. Phil and Christine were encouraged by the reaction they received from friends and family, and decided to share their results with others.
Christine's baked goods range from breads, cheesecakes, cookie sandwiches, cupcakes and special occasion cakes available for local delivery to brownies, muffins and coffee cakes that can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. The products are made in a commercial kitchen in Tabernacle using dedicated bakeware and utensils. Many of the recipes can be tweaked to accommodate vegan, lower sugar, egg-free and dairy-free diets.

Orders can be placed directly with Tesori's at 732-337-9690. You can also find selected products at Pasta Pomodoro in Voorhees and the Dutch Wagon Amish Market and Mom's Bake at Home Pizza in Medford.
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