Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Cape Crusader

Andrea Tucker of Baltimore Gluten Free, a South Jersey native, has been dining at the Jersey Shore her entire life and eating gluten free there for the last seven summers. Her recent gluten-free finds in Cape May County include everything from bakeries to BBQ:


Fiesta Bowl at The Juice Pod in Avalon, New Jersey
The Juice Pod (2001 Dune Dr., 609-961-3404): Popular juice and smoothie bar that specializes in acai bowls. Gluten-free granola is available for a bowl topping. For lunch try the gluten free Fiesta Bowl (think Chipotle rice bowl with chicken and avocado) or Mediterranean Bowl, made with a quinoa base. They also sell gluten-free snacks like chips and crackers by the register.

Avalon Barbeque Co. (224 21st St., 609-967-8222): All BBQ proteins and sauces are gluten free.

Tortilla Flats (2540 Dune Dr., 609-967-5658): Mexican food landmark in Avalon with large selection of gluten free options marked by a sombrero on the menu. Gluten-free items are prepared in a separate work area.

Isabel’s Bakery & Cafe (2285 Dune Dr., 609-967-5776): Sweet Christine's gluten free cookies and muffins individually wrapped by the register.

Sundae Best (2900 Dune Dr., 609-368-1121): Delicious homemade ice cream, including gluten-free flavors and cake and sugar cones. Upon mentioning gluten free, they will scoop your ice cream from a new container with a clean scoop.

Stone Harbor

Chill (224 96th St., 609-368-8500): Outdoor dining in a cool rooftop setting. Chill has a separate gluten-free menu that includes Kinnikinnick bread with a separate toaster, and burgers and pancakes are made in a separate pan. BYOB (bring your own burger bun).

Shore Juice (261 97th St., 609-610-1700): Real fruit smoothies, veggie smoothies and acai bowls with gluten-free granola available for the bowls.

Café Noir (261 97th St., 609-553-7080): European-inspired coffee shop and café serving individually wrapped gluten-free muffins and bagels. There is a separate toaster for bagels and staff will open a new cream-cheese container to avoid cross contamination.

Read about more of Andrea's favorite gluten-free-friendly spots in Cape May and Atlantic counties in her latest blog post at Baltimore Gluten Free.
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