Monday, March 30, 2009

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack, Too

UPDATE (6/30/09): The Phillies recently updated the concessions guide on the team's website to list the locations where the items can be found: the gluten-free hot dogs and snacks continue to be available at the South Philadelphia Market behind Section 128, while Redbridge beer is sold at the concession stand by Section 139 (near the Schmitter), behind Section 204 on the Pavilion Level, behind Section 323 on the Terrace Level, and the Brewerytown stand on Ashburn Alley. In addition, Bull's BBQ in Ashburn Alley, run by former Phils outfielder Greg "The Bull" Luzinski, has gluten-free food. The meat products, barbeque sauce, cole slaw and beans are gluten free. Since sandwiches are sold at that stand, I suggest checking it out first to see if there's a risk of cross-contamination.

UPDATE (4/29/09):
As of this writing, hot dogs on gluten-free buns are available at the concession stand behind Section 128. However, I'm told that treats from Good Eatz will be added there soon. A Gluten Free Philly reader has advised that Redbridge beer is available at the stand behind Section 202.

UPDATE (4/19/09): Gluten-free items are available at the South Philadelphia Market concession stand behind Section 128 on the main concourse of Citizens Bank Park.

UPDATE (3/30/09): The cookies (and perhaps other items) will be provided by Good Eatz.

The Philadelphia Phillies are set to defend their 2008 World Series crown starting with a nationally televised contest Sunday night at home against the Atlanta Braves. Aramark, the food concessionaire for the Phillies' Citizens Bank Park, has announced additions to its menu for 2009 that apparently include gluten-free hot dog buns, cookies and pastries. Last year, Aramark sold Redbridge beer at the stadium throughout the season and offered several gluten-free items at a celiac awareness event during a game last summer. However, this year would mark the first time these foods would be offered at every home game. I will update this post with additional information on the menu items and their availability at the ballpark as it becomes available.
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  1. Thanks for your great blog. I went to a Phillies game on 8/9 and was able to get a gluten-free hot dog and bun at the South Philadelphia Market behind section 128; however, they had absolutely NO gluten-free snacks. I asked a counter person and she confirmed (rather nastily) that they only had gluten-free hot dogs--no snacks. I emailed the Phillies site the next day to tell them they should take the snack information off their website if there are no snacks available at S. Phila. Market; they haven't responded.

  2. Update: The vendor emailed me back to apologize for not having snacks at S. Phila. Market. He said they were having a problem w/their supplier and should have them soon.