Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chex the Labels

UPDATE (2/5/10): Strawberry Chex has been discontinued by General Mills due to disappointing sales.

Wegman's supermarket in Cherry Hill, NJ is now carrying the GF formulation of General Mills Honey Nut Chex. The front of the box has a large "Gluten Free" label, and the back of the box describes the new version.

According to Gluten Free Post, General Mills Corn Chex also is now GF, and the General Mills web site lists Cinnamon Chex as gluten free as well. These developments follow on the heels of Rice Chex and Strawberry Chex recently being reformulated to contain only GF ingredients. Other General Mills cereals that are GF-friendly include Honey Kix and Chocolate Lucky Charms.

Congrats to General Mills for continuing the trend the company started with Rice Chex.
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  1. Sweet I knew the rice chex were gluten free but I didn't realize they were making the other varieties gluten free too. I'll have to look for the new formulations. I was getting tired of plain old rice chex. Thanks!

  2. This is wonderful. Thank you very much General Mills.

  3. I am grateful there is a company that listens and hears its consumers.

    Congratulations for being a responsible, upstanding American company. We are proud, especially in this day and age, to come across an upstanding company such as yours.

    Thank you.

  4. I am thrilled with this and I'm trying to find it in my area! I hope other companies will follow suit....there are alot of us out there who need gluten free us out!