Friday, September 8, 2017

News & Notes: September 8, 2017

New Jersey-based GeeFree Foods has launched a line of gluten-free, all-natural microwavable sandwich pockets in three varieties: Sausage, Egg and Cheese; Buffalo Chicken; and Cheese Pizza. The pockets are made of GeeFree's signature gluten-free puff pastry dough also used for the company's franks in blankets and chicken pot pie. The sandwiches come two per box (suggested retail price of $6.99 per box) and are free of antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, corn and soy. The products will be in stores in the latter part of the fall.

Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders has kicked off the autumn apple season with Artisanal Blend. The new flavor is made with heirloom cider apple varieties and is available in 6-pack bottles, variety 12-pack, variety 24-pack, and limited-edition mini-can 4-packs. Meanwhile, Woodchuck has brought back its Fall Harvest Seasonal Cider, flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and American white oak.

Route 20 IPA, a single-hop India Pale Ale, returns at Oregon's Ground Breaker Brewing. Named after the longest continuous road in the United States, this gluten-free IPA clocks in at 50 IBU and 6% alcohol by volume. The beer was designed to get all of its bittering, flavor and aroma from late additions of Santiam hops, which carry hints of peppery spice. Ground Breaker beers, including Route 20 IPA, can be shipped to addresses in Delaware, New Jersey (but not Pennsylvania) and other states through Bring On the Beer.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Beyond Celiac Launches Digital Community

Beyond Celiac, the national non-profit celiac-advocacy organization based in the Philadelphia suburbs, today announces the launch of Go Beyond Celiac, a digital community that will enable the group to accelerate treatment options by engaging people with celiac disease, creating an online portal to curated qualitative data about the experience of living with celiac disease, the path to diagnosis and disease management.

Go Beyond Celiac is designed to make it easier for people with celiac disease to share their stories at a population level with researchers and participate in research, including clinical trials. "Each person's experience of celiac disease is unique, from the symptoms a person has before diagnosis to how the disease responds to the gluten-free diet. A rich dataset of patients' journeys would help researchers focus on the important questions whose answers could ultimately improve the lives of those with the disease," notes Jake Hughey, Ph.D., a researcher at Vanderbilt University Medical Center who has celiac disease himself.

Go Beyond Celiac will capture patient data, including:
  • Experiences before, during and after diagnosis
  • Past and current symptoms
  • Psychosocial and economic impacts of living with celiac disease
The program also provides personalized interaction between community members and creates opportunities for dialog to identify unmet needs and opportunities for improved diagnoses, treatments, and to help our community live life to the fullest.

Go Beyond Celiac will also include a secure, one-of-a-kind celiac disease registry that will keep the community up to date on the latest in medical research and available clinical trials for which they qualify and in which they may wish to participate. In addition, the Go Beyond Celiac registry will be used to assist researchers in pre-screening and recruiting potential participants, reducing a barrier to successful research, accelerating opportunities to improve diagnosis rates, and helping people with celiac disease cope with this serious genetic autoimmune disorder.

Interested participants can get more information at the Go Beyond Celiac portal, which includes a FAQ section. Participant information is private and secure; Beyond Celiac has technology and processes in place to keep participant information private and secure. Before any information is shared with researchers, any information that identifies individuals is removed (like name and email address, for example).

Friday, September 1, 2017

News & Notes: September 1, 2017

Glutino has introduced Milano-like fudge and mint fudge Italian creme cookies as well as a version of graham crackers. Glutino parent Boulder Brands is offering shoppers a $7 rewards e-card when purchasing three Udi's, Glutino, evol, Gardein or Earth Balance products at one time. The rebate can be submitted up to three times per person through October 15.

Goodie Girl Cookies' new gluten-free fudge striped cookies are now available exclusively at Walmart. A 75-cents-off coupon is available at the company's website.

Schar's two newest crackers sold in the United States are sea salt snacker thins and European-made Italian crostini.

In addition to no added sugar, KIND's new Fruit Bites do not contain any juices, purees, concentrates, preservatives or genetically engineered ingredients. Each snack has three ingredients or less and is made with real fruit, like cherries, apples and mangoes. The suggested retail price is $4.99 per five-pack box.

In time for the fall, Whole Foods has debuted gluten-free pumpkin spice bites, pumpkin pie spiced apple-filled snacks.

Friday, August 18, 2017

News & Notes: August 18, 2017

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. The Jules Thin Crust location in Cherry Hill (1558 Kings Hwy. N., 856-448-4275) is closing on Sunday, August 27, leaving one less place in the area to order gluten-free pizza. The other Jules locations are not affected. reports that Washington Square West's Pennsylvania 6 has closed. The gastropub offered a number of gluten-free options.

On the plus side, reader Joe M. let me know that M.A.T.T.'s Gourmet Sliders has opened a storefront in University City section of Philadelphia (3601 Market St., 215-222-0195), serving burgers with buns (from a designated area of the grill) as well as wings and fries prepped in a dedicated fryer.
The two Delaware locations of Matt's Fish Camp - in Bethany (28635 Coastal Hwy., 302-539-2267) and Lewes (34401 Tenley Ct., 302-644-2267) - have gluten-free menus [Bethany/Lewes]. The Bethany location has gluten-free crabcakes, but note that both utilize shared fryers. (Hat tip to reader Melissa Y.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Cape Crusader

Andrea Tucker of Baltimore Gluten Free, a South Jersey native, has been dining at the Jersey Shore her entire life and eating gluten free there for the last seven summers. Her recent gluten-free finds in Cape May County include everything from bakeries to BBQ:


Fiesta Bowl at The Juice Pod in Avalon, New Jersey
The Juice Pod (2001 Dune Dr., 609-961-3404): Popular juice and smoothie bar that specializes in acai bowls. Gluten-free granola is available for a bowl topping. For lunch try the gluten free Fiesta Bowl (think Chipotle rice bowl with chicken and avocado) or Mediterranean Bowl, made with a quinoa base. They also sell gluten-free snacks like chips and crackers by the register.

Avalon Barbeque Co. (224 21st St., 609-967-8222): All BBQ proteins and sauces are gluten free.

Tortilla Flats (2540 Dune Dr., 609-967-5658): Mexican food landmark in Avalon with large selection of gluten free options marked by a sombrero on the menu. Gluten-free items are prepared in a separate work area.

Isabel’s Bakery & Cafe (2285 Dune Dr., 609-967-5776): Sweet Christine's gluten free cookies and muffins individually wrapped by the register.

Sundae Best (2900 Dune Dr., 609-368-1121): Delicious homemade ice cream, including gluten-free flavors and cake and sugar cones. Upon mentioning gluten free, they will scoop your ice cream from a new container with a clean scoop.

Stone Harbor

Chill (224 96th St., 609-368-8500): Outdoor dining in a cool rooftop setting. Chill has a separate gluten-free menu that includes Kinnikinnick bread with a separate toaster, and burgers and pancakes are made in a separate pan. BYOB (bring your own burger bun).

Shore Juice (261 97th St., 609-610-1700): Real fruit smoothies, veggie smoothies and acai bowls with gluten-free granola available for the bowls.

Café Noir (261 97th St., 609-553-7080): European-inspired coffee shop and café serving individually wrapped gluten-free muffins and bagels. There is a separate toaster for bagels and staff will open a new cream-cheese container to avoid cross contamination.

Read about more of Andrea's favorite gluten-free-friendly spots in Cape May and Atlantic counties in her latest blog post at Baltimore Gluten Free.