Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That's Amore

We couldn't be more fortunate to live about a five-minute drive from Pasta Pomodoro in Voorhees, New Jersey. The restaurant has won awards at the last two Philadelphia Gluten Free Cooking Sprees, held as part of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness' Appetite for Awareness. At last year's Cooking Spree, owner/chef Pasquale Masters won the People's Choice award with his gnocchi with marinara sauce, garlic bread and Boston Crème Pie.

The Italian eatery, located in Eagle Plaza on Haddonfield-Berlin Road (Route 561), has long offered an exhaustive gluten-free menu that includes pizza, pasta, garlic bread, entrees, sandwiches and desserts. Our older son is partial to the gluten-free pizza, and he'll usually get an order of garlic bread and dessert to boot.

Chef Masters and co-owner Skip Elmer have their own experiences with food intolerances; Masters has a son who has several food-related allergies and Elmer has celiac disease. As a result, the owners and staff of the restaurant take care to eliminate cross-contamination.

The chef is always creating new gluten-free dishes, so it's likely that a chalkboard special or two will be available during your visit. He might even offer a sneak preview of his entry in this year's Cooking Spree. Even if you don't live in southern New Jersey, a visit to Pasta Pomodoro is well worth the trip.

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  1. This is by far my favorite restaurant. I want to note that this is the only place that when I went here for dinner on a Saturday night - for dessert they had a whole gluten free dessert tray!!! Usually you get one or two options, like ice cream or fresh fruit. I've been here many times and over my trips I've had Tiramasu, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Banana Pie, Brownies, and many others (they are always rotating and trying new desserts).

    They also have AMAZING gluten free garlic bread and have recently started serving gluten free Bruschetta on occasion. If you're interested and don't see it on the menu - ask anyway to see if they have it!