Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Cut Above

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Philadelphia's own Dietz & Watson is famous for its deli meats and cheeses. The company's products do not contain fillers, extenders, artificial flavors or MSG. All of Dietz & Watson's cheeses and meats - with the exception of Scrapple and Bockwurst - are gluten free. (As of this writing, the company has not updated the "Allergy Information" page on its website to reflect this information.)

Dietz & Watson also makes private-label cold cuts for ShopRite Supermarkets under the name Black Bear. According to the Black Bear website, the Scrapple and Bockwurst similarly are not gluten free. Although several other meats are listed on the FAQ page as containing gluten, because Dietz & Watson makes the Black Bear products it's likely that the Black Bear website has outdated information as to those meats as well.

Both product lines are available at the deli counter and in pre-sliced resealable packages. To avoid cross-contamination issues with the deli slicer, I buy the already packaged meats; the packages cost more but give me peace of mind. The Golden Brown Turkey is my older son's favorite, while I'm partial to the zesty Buffalo Chicken. The D&W website has a "Where to Buy" section that lists by zip code the markets carrying the company's products.
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