Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Steady as She Goes

Something is missing from Steadfast Beer Co.'s India Pale Ale besides malted barley. Unlike other gluten-free craft beer creators, the backstories of Mark Crisafulli and Jeremy Hosier don't involve gluten intolerance. Instead, the partners in an upstate New York beer store just sought to make the best gluten-free beer they could.

Steadfast's first offering is a sorghum-based pale ale, with a golden hue, a sweet hint of molasses, and crisp, hoppy finish. The beer is 6.8% alcohol by volume - slightly higher than average for American IPAs. Crisafulli and Hosier plan on releasing other styles.

Steadfast takes precautions to ensure that no gluten makes its way into the product. The gluten-free beer is the first batch made after the weekly cleaning cycle at the production facility (the Paper City Brewery in Holyoke, Massachusetts), where Steadfast has a dedicated fermentation tank. Every batch is tested for gluten by the Siebel Institute; to date, all test results have been below 6 parts per million, the lowest threshold.

Currently, the pale ale comes in 22-ounce bottles, but this fall will be sold by the four-pack in a 12-ounce version. It's available at restaurants and beer stores throughout upstate New York and will soon be distributed in Colorado. Steadfast is offering an $11.99 sampler of two 22-ounce bottles with free shipping to those over 21 years of age. (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware addresses are eligible.)
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  1. Hey thanks for all you do...wanted to let you know Keg and Kitchen in Haddon Township says they will have Tweason by dogfish head next week