Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pop Goes the Toaster

The world is a better place now that Glutino's gluten-free Pop Tarts toaster pastries have arrived. The Strawberry and Apple Cinnamon flavored treats are sold at Whole Foods markets ($4.99 per five-pack), with wider availability come springtime.

Since I wasn't sure that the pastries would taste good right out of the foil package, I dropped one of each flavor into our toaster at the lightest setting. About 60 seconds later the tarts popped up, the centers a golden brown. My son and I had to curb our enthusiasm as we waited for them to cool down, but that beat the alternative of scalding the roofs of our mouths. The pastries were surprisingly flaky and the fruit filling runs nearly from end to end, save for a thin crust. Both were tasty, although we both preferred the strawberry one.

I imagine that for most people, the "toaster" part of toaster pastries is a mere suggestion. Thus began our next trial - could the products hold up without warming? I'm happy to report that they can. The toasting certainly brings out more flavor, but room temperature is no deterrent. Frosting would be a welcome addition to future versions, but they stand on their own just fine.

At a buck per pastry, the Glutino toaster pastries aren't cheap. (There is a link to a cents-off coupon at the Glutino homepage.) Given that these products fill a void in the gluten-free marketplace, however, it's worth a splurge for the novelty and convenience.
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  1. At which Whole Foods did you find them?? I have been looking at our local store (Glen Mills) but they still don't have them yet.

  2. Can't wait to get my hands on some of these!


  3. Still highly processed but ok for an occasional thin. are they organic or is gmo a concern?

  4. They also sell them at Deliteful Foods in Lawrenceville NJ. Just visited this store for the first time what a great store for lots of really great g-free products.