Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Born to Be WildFlour

WildFlour Bakery & Cafe opened in May 2013
It's a testament to his growing appetite that our 12-year-old can pack away the tons of food given away at the recent gluten-free vendor fair in northern New Jersey and ask to stop for lunch on the way home.

Pumpernickel is sold by the loaf and used for sandwiches
As it happened, traffic was slowing as we approached Exit 8A of the Turnpike. We got off the highway and snaked our way down to Lawrenceville, Mercer County, where WildFlour Bakery & Cafe (2691 Main St., 609-620-1100) was in the middle of a brisk weekend brunch service. Marilyn Besner opened the all-gluten-free eatery - the only one of its kind in southern New Jersey - in May at the former Lawrenceville Inn, and she has maintained the quaint, homespun feel of the former occupant.

Sweet and savory crepes are WildFlour specialties
The fresh-baked breads that Besner and her energetic staff sell by the loaf are used for several cafe items, including grilled cheese. My son raved about his egg salad sandwich on pumpernickel ($6.25), while I loved the Nutella-stuffed crepe ($6.95), sprinkled with berries and topped with vanilla ice cream made by The Bent Spoon in neighboring Princeton. There are also savory versions made with either buckwheat or vegan-friendly rice and lentil. Pancakes ($4.50), salads ($6.95), a soup of the day ($3.25) and smoothies ($6.25) round out the menu. 

A display of delectable sweets at the front counter can't be avoided. WildFlour's assortment includes iced fruit danish ($1.95), a nutty Frangipane tartlette ($4.25), and off-menu items like Linzer cookies and custard flips.

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  1. This place sounds awesome! And I can vouch that your gluten-free boy can eat, he is almost as tall as you!