Tuesday, June 21, 2016

America Runs on Duncan Hines

Duncan Hines is set to roll out new gluten-free baking mixes,
seen here at a Publix market in Nashville (Photo Credit: Ann H.)
I know. You're thinking, "Do we really need more gluten-free baking mixes?" In this instance, the answer is yes, since the brand is Duncan Hines and the mixes are different from all of the others. Next Monday, Pinnacle Foods, the maker of Duncan Hines products, will formally begin distributing the mixes to stores nationally, though packages are already showing up in some places. There are two different Decadent-labeled products: Vanilla Creme Cake and Chocolate Lovers' Brownie. The cake is similar to a Boston Cream Pie, with vanilla creme filling and chocolate glaze mixes included with the flour mix. A chocolate glaze mix is also included with the brownies as a suggested topping. (Incidentally, all of Duncan Hines-branded cake frostings are gluten free.)

The introduction of Duncan Hines gluten-free mixes furthers a change in Pinnacle's business strategy. As recently as 2014, Pinnacle had no plans to introduce any gluten-free baking mixes. However, last year's purchase of Boulder Brands, which owned gluten-free-friendly Udi's, Glutino and evol, marked a shift in the company's approach to the gluten-free market.
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