Friday, August 4, 2017

News & Notes: August 4, 2017

During our recent vacation in Spain, France and Italy, we discovered so many gluten-free options nearly everywhere we went, from restaurants and gelaterias to coffee shops and pharmacies. I'd venture to say that Western Europe is at least 10 years ahead of the United States when it comes to accessible and safe gluten-free foods - even McDonald's has gluten-free burgers in Spain and Italy (among other countries):

We found Kit Kat-like candy bars and chocolate-covered palmiers (elephant ears) in Barcelona:

Madeleines in Nice, France:

Brioche bread in Capri, Italy:

Back on American soil, Amy's Kitchen has debuted a number of new gluten-free frozen entrees, including a vegetarian paella bowl, pesto pizza and spinach pizza made with rice flour crusts, Mexican breakfast bake with black beans, bell peppers and roasted potatoes and a country-style breakfast bake with meatless sausage.

Reader Lesley F. recommended Caulipower pizza, which she purchased at a South Jersey ShopRite. She wrote that the crust was fluffier than most gluten-free frozen pizzas. Varieties include Margherita, Three Cheese, Veggie and plain crust.

Reader Christin S. suggests two area restaurants being added the growing number of listings on the Gluten Free Philly restaurant app: Victor Cafe in the Bella Vista section of South Philadelphia (1303 Dickinson St., 215-468-3040), which can make its protein entrees gluten free in addition to those noted on the dinner menu (and where the servers sing!) and Kitchen 519 in Glendora, New Jersey (200 E. Evesham Rd., 856-312-8629), which has a separate gluten-free menu.

The Elevation Burger locations in Collegeville (201 Plaza Dr., 610-831-1360) and Willow Grove (3945 Welsh Rd., 215-659-1008) now offer gluten-free burger buns for a $2 surcharge. (Thanks Brian H.) Other area locations can prepare burgers in lettuce wraps, while all have separately prepared fries.

Have a great weekend!

- Michael

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