Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Better Batter

While there aren't many options for a quick gluten-free lunch at home, our family always has a box of S'Better Farms Beef Corn Dogs on hand in the freezer. A single corn dog takes about two minutes to heat in our microwave oven, and it's always good for an easy, hassle-free meal. We've never tried cooking the corn dogs in the conventional oven (about 10-15 minutes), but they probably taste more authentic that way. The corn dog batter is made from a rice and corn mix.

All S'Better Farms retail products are 100 percent natural and gluten free, in addition to being certified Glatt kosher and halal. The product line also includes Chicken Fingers, Chicken Siciliano, Chicken Szechwan, Chicken Ballontine and Chicken Party Wings. The corn dogs and chicken dishes are produced in an area segregated for gluten-free production on dedicated equipment.

Locally, S'Better Farms products can be found in independent natural food stores and in the kosher frozen food sections of Wegmans and ShopRite markets, where they sell for around $7.99 a package. They can also be ordered online at the Gluten-Free Mall.
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