Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top This

Most people don't need much more of an incentive to dig into a slice of piping hot pizza than the aroma of tomato sauce, melted cheese and spices, or maybe some green peppers or sausage to boot. For those that do, though, there's something unique to put on your pie.

Featured in Food Network magazine, gluten-free Pizza Prints are edible designs that are applied to baked and sliced pizzas. The prints come in lots of different images, from pro basketball and college teams to Nickelodeon characters. There are also more generic designs to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other occasions. A number of local eateries that offer gluten-free pizza carry Pizza Prints, including Mannino's in Morrisville, Kembleville's Village Pizza & Subs, Giuseppe's in New Hope, Tony's Pizza in Haddonfield and Pietro's Pizza in Manahawkin. Various prints can be ordered directly from the company by calling 1-800-806-2595.
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