Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

When it comes to gluten-free pasta, I am solidly in the corn flour camp; Le Veneziane from Italy is the best dry pasta brand around. Most brown rice versions we've tried turn out more like pad Thai noodles than Italian pasta. So when I saw that the fresh gluten-free pasta from RP's Pasta Company is made with brown rice, I wondered whether I'd change my mind.

RP's, based in Madison, Wisconsin, makes refrigerated gluten-free fusilli, linguini, fettuccine, spinach fettuccine and lasagna sheets sold locally at Wegmans ($3.99 each) and via FreshDirect ($4.99 each). The pasta is made in a dedicated area and is GFCO-certified.

Those of you that make dry gluten-free pasta know that there's a fair amount of trial and error in cooking the pasta "just right." The RP's products are no exception. Although the package recommendation is to cook the fresh pasta in boiling water for two to three minutes, we found on two occasions that the noodles had to bathe for about five minutes to get to a slight al dente texture.

Am I swayed? Not quite. But for slightly more than the average price of dry brown rice pasta, you'll save around 10 minutes of prep time and get a sturdier, more flavorful pasta with RP's fresh counterpart.
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