Friday, April 24, 2015

News & Notes: April 24, 2015

Sunday marks the grand opening of mostly to-go Waffles & Wedges in Center City Philadelphia (1500 Pine St., 215-309-3222). As the name suggests, the menu will be comprised of "Li├Ęge" Belgian-style waffles (the gluten-free versions will be made on a dedicated iron) and baked potato "fries" (all gluten free). Many of the sauces and toppings don't contain gluten either.

Opening this summer in Wynnewood is a second area b.good (280 E. Lancaster Ave.). Ninety-five percent of the menu at this healthier fast-casual restaurant chain - another location is in Marlton - is gluten free, including Udi's buns, all fries and several desserts.

Villa Barone in Collingswood (753 Haddon Ave., 856-858-2999) offers gluten-free penne (prepped in separate water) and grilled entrees. (Thanks to reader Jeanne B. for the tip.)

Trader Joe's has stopped carrying Udi's breads and rolls and has instead introduced its own private label versions. The White Sandwich Bread is made with brown rice flour, sorghum, and potato flour, and the Whole Grain Bread is made with brown rice flour, whole grain teff, whole grain amaranth, whole grain sorghum, potato flour and flaxseed meal. Each 12 oz. sliced loaf of either bread is $4.49. A 12 oz. package of hamburger buns sells for $3.49, while a 14 oz. package of bagels is priced at $4.49.

My annual roundup of gluten-free options at Major League Baseball ballparks was posted on Tuesday. While some stadiums are better than others, all 30 clubs offer something for fans eating gluten free.

In conjunction with Celiac Awareness Month in May, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has launched “Seriously, Celiac Disease,” the only national campaign dedicated to raising awareness among people with diagnosed Celiac Disease about the importance of having a serious conversation with relatives who may be genetically at-risk for the condition. The campaign was developed as a result of NFCA research that showed when at-risk relatives are properly educated about the condition and armed with the right tools, their receptivity to get screened for celiac disease increases. The “Seriously, Celiac Disease” campaign aims to encourage individuals with celiac disease to “Talk. Tell. Test.” with their biological relatives using personal, one-on-one conversations.

Visit to access the following free NFCA resources to help get the conversation started:

  • PSA Video – A powerful video that teaches those diagnosed with celiac disease how to effectively talk to relatives about the importance of celiac disease testing using tactics grounded in the Health Belief Model, one of the most widely used conceptual frameworks in health behavior.
  • Discussion Guides – Research-tested tactics that explain the specific “dos” and “don'ts” needed to drive this important conversation between family members, as well as with physicians.
  • Personal Stories –Personal stories from others diagnosed with the serious genetic autoimmune disease are available to learn about other family testing experiences.

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- Michael

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the Seriously, Celiac Disease campaign! As always, we truly appreciate your support in raising awareness. Hope you like the video!

    Alicia, NFCA