Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Get Serious

Bread SRSLY's Classic sourdough bread (Photo Credit: Bread SRSLY)
Quick - think of a food associated with San Francisco. Survey says: "Sourdough Bread." When I heard about Bread SRSLY, a small Bay Area business devoted to baking gluten-free sourdough loaves, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to order such an elusive find. I'm glad I did.

Bread SRSLY makes four kinds of gluten-free sourdough loaves - Classic, Seeded, Kale and Sweet Onion - along with sandwich and dinner rolls in a dedicated facility. In addition to being certified gluten free, all Bread SRSLY baked goods are also free of preservatives along with egg, dairy, nuts and other allergens. It's not, however, taste free.

Our Classic Three-Pack order ($35) was shipped out on a Tuesday and delivered two days later via Priority Mail. Since the bread arrived chilled due to the cold weather, it was ready to be sliced right out of the package. The thicker slices I cut from the first loaf were moist - evidence that it was freshly baked. (The company says the the moistness extends shelf life and helps the bread to rise over a 12-hour period; refrigeration will firm up the loaves and allow for thinner slices.) My slicing yielded 12-13 slices per loaf, which keep for about a week in the fridge or about a month in the freezer.

The bread was satisfying even without being warmed, but was superb out of the toaster (the recommended preparation), coated with a pat of butter. It's become our son's favorite for sandwich making. The starter, made with wild yeast, infuses the bread with that unmistakable tang associated with sourdough. The toasting accentuates the crispiness of the crust and softens the doughy interior.

While priced higher than other gluten-free breads, Bread SRSLY's small-batch sourdough loaves are a worthy indulgence, particularly if you're craving an chewy, crusty bread that can't be found at the supermarket.

New customers can use promo code WELCOMESRSLY at Bread SRSLY's online store for free shipping on their first order (a $5 savings).

Disclosure: I receive a commission from purchases made through the affiliate links in this post. However, I purchased the bread independently and the opinions expressed in the post are my own and are not affected by my affiliate relationship with Bread SRSLY.
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