Friday, September 30, 2011

News & Notes: September 30, 2011

Today's post is an all-products edition of News & Notes, but I first wanted to thank the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and its campaign to make gluten-free pizza available at schools nationwide. As a result of this effort, I contacted our school district's food-service provider to see if it could order the gluten-free pizza for our son's elementary school. It took some time, but I learned earlier this week that the pizza would be available in time for the weekly "pizza day" in the cafeteria. It made my night when I came home from work on Wednesday and my son told me that he felt "normal" to have to wait in line with his friends and get lunch on a tray like other students. For more on Schwan's food-service gluten-free pizza, visit the company's website and share the information with your own child's school.

On Tuesday, I posted a review of a recent meal at the Rainforest Cafe in Atlantic City.

The Ravitz ShopRites in southern New Jersey, particularly those in Marlton and Cherry Hill East, have greatly expanded their gluten-free sections. New to those stores are Mi-Del Gingerbread Men cookies and Glutino's new Genius bread. The Genius bread, in White and Multigrain varieties, features full-size slices.

Wynnewood's Main Line Baking Company has lined up more stores to sell its gluten-free products, including the Marlton ShopRite and Whole Foods in Wynnewood.

During a recent trip to Water to Go in Pennsauken, my wife discovered Russo's mozzarella sticks (delicious!), Kim & Scott's Bavarian soft pretzels (meh), and Joan's calzones (haven't tried yet).

Lots of new products were announced at the Expo East natural-products food show in Baltimore last weekend. Erin at Gluten Free Fun reported that Udi's will debut gluten-free muffin tops and three kinds of frozen pizza in January 2012.

Gluten Free Living tweeted from Expo East that Feel Good Foods will soon offer gluten-free egg rolls to complement its dumplings, while Sandra at the Gluten Free Optimist blog reported that the egg rolls will come in chicken, shrimp and vegetable varieties.

Have a great weekend and go Phils!
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  1. Gluten-free mozzarella sticks??? I need to find these in NYC

  2. I'll totally have to check out those GF mozzarella sticks! I miss them...they're an occassional (aka very rare) treat anymore. I tried the muffin tops at Udi's booth at Expo East and they were actually very good and moist!